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We offer quality, quick, dependable, and completely insured shipping services.


We have a lot of experience and practical knowledge manipulating and moving building supplies.


Our team of experts will be pleased to assist you in finding a solution to your unique needs.

What we Do

We Specialize in Moving Heavy and Fragile Stone Slabs

Experts on Stone Slabs

Marble, granite, quartz, and other stunning-looking material slabs are quite heavy and need to be moved with special tools and caution.

We also Ship Other Materials

Tiles and other products need special treatment, and depending on the material, important aspects like weight and volume must be taken into account for proper shipment.

Stone Slabs

In addition to being extremely heavy, Stone Slabs are also highly delicate and are easily broken during transit if they are not handled appropriately.

We Know How

In order to prevent the slabs from cracking, we employ the best procedures, tools, and equipment. With us, your cargo is secure!

Get Started

Allow our experts to handle your stone slabs and other building material needs.


Take advantage of working with a reputable firm, which offers the following advantages: adequate vehicles and equipment, complete insurance, timely delivery, committed truck drivers, and the necessary experience handling delicate items.

At SS Transporting, your Cargo is our Priority

Because our drivers and operators are trained to handle your goods with care, you can ship with confidence knowing that your consignment will arrive safely.

“Transportation is a highly complex and dynamic element of the natural stone industry”

– The Natural Stone Council

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